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Calandra Zellner

Featured Interview
What got you interested in becoming a developer?

Although I have had a minor interest in web development, I was always under the impression that I needed to be a math wiz... being that I am not, I decided to go into a completely different field. My entry into web development stemmed from a broken leg that occurred on my last job and a friend who continuously hounded me to give web development a shot. Since the stress of a broken leg (surgeries, knee manipulation, and physical therapy) kept me home for quite some time, I decided to go to to appease my friend and get him off my back. What started at an hour quickly turned into several and I found myself on codecademy doing my first “Hello World” line of code. From that moment on, I was hooked and have been coding basically every day.

What were you doing before you learned to program?

Before learning to program, I was a Social Services Case Manager working for the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services in the foster care unit. I spent my days visiting 20 plus children, parents, doctors, lawyers, counselors, etc. This experience allowed me to see just how much stress I can handle before breaking (pun intended).

Outside of coding, what are some of your hobbies or interests?

When I am not coding, I enjoy going to movies and museums or just watching netflix with my friends. I am also a major foodie and love going to old and new restaurants. On lazy days, I find enjoyment playing video games, via pc or console.

What technologies or languages do you feel most comfortable with?

I started out learning javascript, so I feel most comfortable working in said language. However, I have a huge interest in several languages and will probably soon consider myself language agnostic as I learn a bit about each new language.

Which technologies do you intend to become more comfortable with?

I would love to know more about several languages and technologies, however would most like to become more proficient in Javascript.

Do you have any projects or code samples you're particularly proud of?

Although I am proud of all my projects, the project I am most proud of is my weather app. This project makes me especially happy because it is my first project to be built in Angular. After viewing many videos and tutorials, I was able to build a
functional SPA.

Briefly describe a memorable coding problem you had and how you solved it?

To date, I haven’t had any exceptional coding problems but did find difficulty in implementing my recent Tic-Tac-Toe project. I wanted the computer’s turn to be pretty smart in determining winning moves, but implementing the logic proved harder than I originally thought. However, after several days of reading and researching I was able to implement the minmax algorithm and move on swimmingly with the project.

What advice do you have for future coders?

I think the best advice I could give future coders would be to decide on what you want to do, research the necessary methods to reach said goal and stick with it. Another piece of advice would be to code often as it is the quickest method to learning a new language.