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Cassie Herd

Featured Interview
Tell me about your life before learning to code.

I have been in education for eight years and very involved with educational technology. Previously, I've taught elementary education and was a school principal.

What got you interested in becoming a developer?

I first got involved in web design by helping schools with their websites and creating websites for my students and classroom. Front-end development was the next step for me because I enjoy working with technology and creating new experiences on the web. Being a developer seems like a natural fit because I am very detail oriented and love to create new things.

How have you learned to code, any favorite resources?

I started learning with Treehouse and I'm currently in the Bloc Front End Bootcamp. Bloc Bootcamp has been an amazing experience. The best part is that they pair you with a mentor that helps you throughout the learning process. I've also used Codecademy, Code School, and Tuts+. I wrote a blog post about it here: 5 Best Resources for Learning to Code.

Which languages or frameworks do your feel most comfortable with?

I am most comfortable with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and AngularJS. I've really enjoyed learning to use AngularJS. It's amazing to me how you can create such powerful apps quickly with AngularJS.

Are there any technologies you intend to get more comfortable with?

I really love front-end development and I want to stick with it, but I think it would be very helpful to know some back-end languages as well. Unfortunately, there is too much to learn to know every language and framework so I believe it's very important to learn a few languages really well and then be able to adapt to changes and pick up new things quickly. It also helps if you're familiar with other languages and frameworks to be able to choose the best fit for each project.

Tell us about what you're working on now.

Right now I'm working on creating an analytics page using AngularJS for a music app that I made. I want to be able to track the songs and albums that a user plays and display the statistics in a visual way through graphs and charts. You can see how the project is coming along on my GitHub account.

Do you have any projects or code samples you're particularly proud of?

I'm proud of the Bloc Jams music player app that I built. I'm currently working on refactoring it into AngularJS and adding analytics.

What advice do you have for those learning to code?

Learning to code is about learning to find solutions and solve problems. I believe the best skill you can develop is the skill to ask questions and find answers. Connect with others throughout the learning process and ask for help when you need it. Twitter is a wonderful resource to make connections. You can connect with me @cmherd.