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Kalvyn Lu

Featured Interview
What got you interested in learning to program?

I was always interested in computers starting from an early age. So when I took my first programming course in college, I was amazed by what seemed like an endless number of possibilities from coding. I was instantly hooked. Since then, I’ve learned more languages and techniques, and haven’t stopped.

I understand you went to Montana State, can you tell me a little about that experience?

I’m actually from the Bay Area in California. I went to MSU as an out-of-state student for Computer Science. The experience living there was wildly different from home. What was once noisy streets and cold pavement is now quiet neighborhoods and green lawns.
In classes, most of the instructors were open-minded and approachable. Because of this, I learned that I shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions.

I see you did some work with Workiva, care to share some tidbits about that role?

I was in Workiva as a Software Engineering Intern. I worked primarily as a Front-End Engineer with Javascript/ES6, NodeJS, Dart, and React. I was on a very loose daily schedule, but everyday, I would give updates to my team about my progress on whatever I was working on, and try to finish my projects before the quarter was over. I enjoyed my experience there. The environment was relaxed and the projects were increasingly challenging.

Draw App is really cool, what drove you to create it? What'd you learn in the process?

While looking for a project to do on the side, I came across PubNub, a service that provides a realtime data stream. I wanted to learn how it worked, so I decided to create a “serverless” app with its Javascript SDK. The result is the Draw App, a collaborative whiteboard app made with PubNub.

What technologies do you feel most comfortable with? Which do you want to learn?

Although my first programming language is Java, I feel most comfortable with Javascript/ES6 and React as I have been working with them in my most recent projects. As much as I love Front-End development, I also want to try getting into mobile apps. So, I do want to learn more of Android Studio and Swift.

What excites you the most about becoming a software engineer?

There is always something to learn! It is hard to get bored when there are near-infinite amount of languages, programming techniques, and theory to dive into.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years? 4 years?

Right now, I am seeking opportunities to further personal and professional growth. In two years, I can see myself having the skills to achieve these goals. In four, I will be confident enough to be mentoring those who are still looking to obtain the skills for their goals. I am very passionate when it comes to my work and I can’t see myself losing that passion down the road.

What advice do you have for people considering becoming a developer?

Keep learning! The world of programming is always evolving with changing code standards and new tools being made. In order to become a developer, you can’t be afraid of constantly gaining new knowledge.