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Paul Kim

Featured Interview
What got you interested in becoming a developer?

A couple of things led me to become interested in being a developer. First thing that really got me interested was my dissatisfaction with my job. In my previous career there was a very clear cap when it came to learning and I felt that I hit that cap fairly quickly so it led me to become unsatisfied. I went on google and looked up which industries needed the most people, had the most growth potential, and seemed challenging intellectually. Two things came up, medicine or tech. I figured since I didn't have the time or money to go to medical school I'd pursue tech. The second thing is kind of lame but it really did help me with my interest. I loved the tv show Silicon Valley and the movie The Internship.

What were you doing before you learned to program?

I was in politics! I can share more about that on a more 1-on-1 situation. Feel free to message me and ask!

Outside of coding, what are some of your hobbies or interests?

My major hobby is rock climbing. It makes you use your brain like programming because you're trying to figure out this puzzle.
Only difference is that if you miscalculate in climbing you can get injured... or die.

What technologies or languages do you feel most comfortable with?

I really like Javascript... so much power!

Which do you intend to become more comfortable with?

I intend to become super comfortable with Javascript!

Do you have any projects or code samples you're particularly proud of?

There are two projects that I'm very proud of. The first is just a side-project I had made during my time at General Assembly's WDI. I had made a fun project to encourage my classmates and make them laugh, I call it Shia LaBeouf.
My 2nd project that I'm very proud of is a group project I did in school Newsli. It is a map that dynamically appends pins on the locations of breaking news. It's so cool.

Briefly describe a memorable coding problem you had and how you solved it?

During my group project we decided to push all our changes on to Heroku at 11pm the night before the project was due.
It crashed so we had to tackle it as a team and go back and forth in our error logs to figure out a pattern of why it wouldn't work.
In the end we realized that we had a misplaced semi-colon.

What advice do you have for future coders?

Keep scrapping. We have what most CS majors don't. The cards stacked against us. This should push you to be hungrier, more motivated, more willing to take on every and any task at a new job.

Keep scrapping!