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tanner phan Full Stack Web Developer https://www.jrdevjobs.com/profiles/tanner-phan
Renton WA US
tanner phan

tanner phan

Full Stack Web Developer
JavaScript TypeScript CSS SASS Angular2 Python Jupyter Notebook OpenCV HTML JavaScript ApacheConf

I have experience working in teams and have gone through multiple software development cycles. My focus is on application development and machine learning.

I have been learning to program for 3 years, both through the formal education and independently. I have advanced my skills through the Udacity's Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree Program.

The ability to build out what I imagine in my head.

JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, SASS, Angular2
This website is my portfolio, showcase some of my previous work.
Python, Jupyter Notebook, OpenCV
Self driving car finding lanes.
CSS, HTML, JavaScript
JavaScript, HTML, CSS
ApacheConf, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Browser app, made to explore Instagram pictures using a map.
TypeScript, CSS, HTML, JavaScript
Runman - Angular Game
CSS, TypeScript, HTML, JavaScript
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