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4000 Legato Rd. Fairfax VA 22033 United States
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Five 9 Group

innovate - enable - integrate

Five 9 Group, Inc. is a Virginia small business founded in 2006 that provides innovative information technology (IT) services and solutions.

The company's name stems from our team turning a customer's vision into reality by providing high availability for their systems.  The term Five 9s, 99.999%, symbolizes the hallmark standard of excellence in the IT industry.  We are committed to continuously delivering on our company's name through our talented and dedicated workforce.

Our strength and differentiator is our people.  We invest in giving our people the flexibility and learning environment they need to transform from 'what works' into 'what's new' and 'what's next'.

At Five 9 Group, we innovate through our employees, enable through our mission, and integrate through our communication and collaboration. 

Mission:  We invest in our customers’ mission by providing innovative solutions, dedicated experts, and proven processes. Our purpose is to ensure the full potential of our customers, and to maintain the creativity and life balance of our employees.

Vision: Our vision is to be the premier leader at identifying and integrating innovative technology solutions.

Core Value: 
  • Mission Focused: We recognize that customer success is our success. 
  • Ethics: We do the right thing, always, particularly when it’s difficult. 
  • Integrity: We guarantee Reliability, Quality, and Commitment to do what it takes to get the job done right. 
  • Innovation through Diversity: We promote and embrace team diversity in order to foster perspectives that lead to robust solutions. 
  • Employee Focused: We support employee goals and quality of life through flexibility, continuous learning, and collaboration.

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Entry Level SQL Developer
4 years ago
Five 9 Group, Inc. is seeking an entry level SQL, PL/SQL Developer to support the U.S. Census Bur...