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2401 15th St #150 Denver CO 80202
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Commission-Free Real Estate

TRELORA is a Commission-Free Real Estate Company that is equalizing the industry. We're protecting homeowner equity by transferring money from agents' pockets to yours, and providing you unparalleled control of the process through our model and technology. 

TRELORA was born to provide the best residential real estate service in Colorado. We’re passionate about creating something better, constantly focusing on innovating. We believe in the consumer’s best interest, not the real estate agent’s.

We believe we need to expose hidden truths about the real estate industry and empower consumers with information.

We don’t settle for anything other than excellence anywhere in the company, and we have the integrity to admit when things are wrong and the courage to change.

TRELORA is more than a full-service real estate company. When you hire us, you hire the entire company, not one individual agent. We take care of EVERYTHING home sellers need from beginning to end. We are the Best Residential Real Estate Representation.

TRELORA is more than a flat-fee real estate company. The fee you pay us has no bearing on the level of service we provide and you deserve. We don't charge you a fee based on the value of your home.

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Junior Ruby Developer
over 2 years ago
DESCRIPTION TRELORA is a commission free real estate company that saves homeowners millions of...