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Discover Chazona Baum's Projects, Code Samples, Resume, and More 2021 2018-04-25 Chazona Baum | Full-Stack Development Student https://jrdevsresumes.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/avatars/147940850301e5cf48/IMG_0345.jpg?1479856810 en-US true Chazona Baum, Junior, Developers, Profiles, Portfolio Chazona Baum [email protected] 500 500 Jr.DevJobs Hunter Meyer [email protected] Co-Founder & CEO Twitter LinkedIn CrunchBase Facebook Jr.DevJobs
Chazona Baum Software Engineer https://www.jrdevjobs.com/profiles/chazona-baum
Midlothian VA US
Chazona Baum

Chazona Baum

Full-Stack Development Student
HTML CSS JavaScript Node.js Ruby

My name is Chazona Baum, I'm 28 and a self-taught JavaScript developer with two kids and diverse experiences in industries ranging from food to veterinary medicine to insurance. I want to use code to to solve complex human challenges and make a positive impact on society.

I am completely self-taught, using resources such as Free Code Camp, The Odin Project, Udacity, and edX, as well as skillful web searches.

I enjoy and speak a variety of languages to varying degrees of proficiency, and I find that programming is as much a form of communication as any other. It's incredible how complex and powerful ideas can be demonstrated through code and shape programs!

HTML, CSS, JavaScript
A tribute page in honor of various individuals quoted in the Random Quote Generator, allowing sel...
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
A personal portfolio page highlighting a photo, basic description, recent projects with links, sk...
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
A generator that provides random inspirational quotes to the user, as well as allowing searches, ...
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
A web app that displays the weather at the user's location, and adjusts the graphical display acc...
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
A web tool that allows the user to search for and view relevant Wikipedia entries or view a rando...
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
A web tool which allows the user to check if various Twitch live-streamers are broadcasting and t...
JavaScript, Node.js
A Twitter Bot, Mom Bot, that provides encouragement and warns about bad word usage to those who f...
HTML, JavaScript, CSS
The personal portfolio website of Chazona Baum, web development student.
JavaScript, Ruby
A collection of my solutions to algorithms over the course of my dev studies.
Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
A basic blog created using Ruby on Rails

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