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Discover David Meza's Projects, Code Samples, Resume, and More 2018 2018-04-25 David Meza | Jr. Ruby on Rails Developer https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/jrdevsresumes/avatars/1439818466f4ac69ef/11146222_10206492632173820_711291555621113062_n.jpg?1439946962 en-US true David Meza, Junior, Developers, Profiles, Portfolio David Meza [email protected] 500 500 Jr.DevJobs Hunter Meyer [email protected] Co-Founder & CEO Twitter Google+ LinkedIn CrunchBase Facebook Jr.DevJobs
David Meza Software Engineer https://www.jrdevjobs.com/profiles/david-meza
David Meza

David Meza

Jr. Ruby on Rails Developer
Ruby Rails PostgreSQL,HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Ruby on Rails SQL HTML5

Hi! I'm David. I am truly passionate about software engineering. I love learning new programming languages and frameworks and can be a strong asset to any company as a part of their awesome development team

I have always been fascinated by technology. From a very early age (since elementary school), I've been looking for ways to build cool things in a logical way. I remember I started with using Turbo Pascal with Turtle graphics, doing simple things like drawing a house, then as time progressed I moved forward into more complex things. I attended college and graduated with a major in MIS, and during that time I supplemented my studies with online courses on programming. Not being satisfied with the results of my education, shortly after graduation I decided to attend Viking Code School to teach me more about professional software engineering. It was hard, it was challenging, and now I feel I'm prepared for the next step in my dream career.

What I like the most about programming is that it is empowering, creative, and it allows you to think analytically to build a viable solution to a real-life situation. After learning how to program, I know I have the necessary skills so that anytime I have a great idea I can confidently say 'Hey! I can build that!'

Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL,HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
Danebook is a project that I build while I attended Viking Code School. It is a social media webs...
Ruby on Rails, SQL, HTML5, CSS3
Danebook is a Facebook clone that mimics the functionality of a social media website.

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