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Discover Joe Flack's Projects, Code Samples, Resume, and More 2020 2018-04-25 Joe Flack | Full Stack Developer https://jrdevsresumes.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/avatars/1466905184ff63e71a/%EC%A1%B0_-_bust_dimensions.jpg?1466908387 en-US true Joe Flack, Junior, Developers, Profiles, Portfolio Joe Flack [email protected] 500 500 Jr.DevJobs Hunter Meyer [email protected] Co-Founder & CEO Twitter LinkedIn CrunchBase Facebook Jr.DevJobs
Joe Flack Software Engineer https://www.jrdevjobs.com/profiles/joeflack4
Pensacola FL US
Joe Flack

Joe Flack

Full Stack Developer
Python Javascript HTML CSS JavaScript PHP XSLT Makefile Tcl C PowerShell Batchfile Shell CoffeeScript ApacheConf Mako

I am a full stack developer living in Pensacola, FL. I love to build great experiences and new solutions using technology. My life's dream is to use knowledge, data, and technology to make the world a better place.

I am a self-taught programmer. My first experience building sites was in high school. I graduated with a BA in Philosophy and taught English in Asia for 5 years, learning intermediate Japanese/Korean.

My career in development started as a result of a small company founded by myself and a friend, which never launched. I continued to study Javascript, PHP, and Python and eventually moved from the role of bookkeeper to lead developer at my current job. I currently develop and maintain my company's homegrown, light-weight ERP.

I like the ability to do something that is both creative, and highly logical. Other than being friendly and easy going, that's how I'd best describe my overall personality.

There are other things about programming that are great. It allows one to touch many people with the results of their work. And also it is one of those areas that is always changing; on the fringe.

Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS
A light-weight ERP, deployed on a stack of Heroku, PostgreSQL, Flask, Bootstrap, and Angular JS.
Code challenges.
JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python
Flask extension for AdminLTE dashboard and control panel template
Integration of AngularJS and Flask.
These are HackerRank challenges that I am either working on or have completed.
JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, XSLT, Makefile
Manage your employees easily with a robust and efficient Human Resource Management System
JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, XSLT, Makefile
The open source edition of IceHRM, specialized for the Home Health Industry.
A python library of various things.
HTML, Python
Just-a-Dash HRM module.
Python, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Tcl, C, PHP, PowerShell, Batchfile, Shell
Test with Heroku
Home Health software.
PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CoffeeScript, CSS, ApacheConf, Shell
HRM written in PHP.
SCC File Renamer is a script that will flip the order of 2 strings within the filenames of a batc...
PHP, CSS, JavaScript
VanillaHRM is an original, 'from scratch' learning project HRM (Human Resource Management System)...
JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, Mako
This application is a light-weight, mobile friendly, scaffolded EMS (Enterprise Management System...

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