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Kevin Boyle Software Engineer
Portland OR US
Kevin Boyle

Kevin Boyle

React Javascript Node Express Postgress JavaScript HTML CSS TypeScript Java Processing TSQL

Frontend programmer with a full-stack skillset

Two coding schools, self-study, on-the-job learning

The potential and the intersection of art and technology

React, Javascript
Personal Portfolio Site
Javascript, React, Node, Express, Postgress
A fullstack voting app for nominating best burger/coffee/etc in Portland, OR
JavaScript, HTML
JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Object lesson
Landing Page practice with Flex Box
CSS, JavaScript, HTML
Form practice: adding albums to music library
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Practice Using Javascript to manipulate real-time SVG clock
JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML
basic page w/ Angular set up basics
JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS
with two-way property binding
HTML, JavaScript, CSS
JavaScript, HTML
template for api call
Java, Processing, JavaScript
Generative Art TwitterBot
JavaScript, CSS, HTML
simple quiz app
JavaScript, HTML
practice repo w/ async js solutions: callbacks, promises, async/await
JavaScript, HTML
React Role Based Authentication/View tutorial
HTML, JavaScript, CSS
command line shortcuts
JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Week 3 Independent Project: JS Arrays & Loops
HTML, JavaScript, CSS
A version of Fizzbuzz written in Javascript
JavaScript, HTML, CSS
simple wireframe mockup
JavaScript, TSQL, HTML
backend for custom blog app, with Express & Postgres
JavaScript, CSS, HTML
JavaScript, TSQL
CRUD app server with express and express routing
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
CSS and class practice
JavaScript, HTML, CSS
vanilla javascript: breakout game
.js practice page
Redux, Redux, Firebase CRUD app

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