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Discover Mason Jennings's Projects, Code Samples, Resume, and More 2018 2016-01-23 Mason Jennings | Web Developer minted in NYC @ //Flatiron School. https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/jrdevsresumes/avatars/1453589297dce150aa/mason_jennings_pic.jpg?1453592127 en-US true Mason Jennings, Junior, Developers, Profiles, Portfolio Mason Jennings [email protected] 500 500 Jr.DevJobs Twitter Google+ LinkedIn CrunchBase Facebook Jr.DevJobs
Mason Jennings Software Engineer https://www.jrdevjobs.com/profiles/mason-jennings
New York City
Mason Jennings

Mason Jennings

Web Developer minted in NYC @ //Flatiron School.
Ruby/Rails Javascript SQL Ruby HTML JavaScript CSS Shell CoffeeScript

I'm a maker. It started with Lego and inevitably moved toward dismantling, poking, prodding, and reassembling more complex and expensive toys. Soon no household items were safe from my marauding Phillips head screwdriver, though all were returned in working order (with the notable and expensive exception of a Betamax videotape player). This curiosity naturally led me in the direction of engineering, technology, and design.

Now that I'm a working web developer I am look forward to continuing growing my skills in an agile, test-driven environment and working toward that T-shaped skill set.

The Flatiron School - Web Development Immersive

Breaking down a problem into it's component parts, building a tool to address each component, then wiring them up to work together to solve the original problem. It's like designing a house or an engine. Each little decision shapes the end result and everyone approaches the task in a slightly different way.

Ruby/Rails, Javascript, SQL
A Rails App that enables users to challenge their friends to competitions of their own creation.
Ruby/Rails, Javascript, SQL
A Rails App that displays to a user the stars visible in the night sky given their location and t...
AirNav Scraper
Ruby, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
This is an example site for the intto to front-end web development course at the flatiron school.
JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Resume Site
JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser.
Ruby, Shell
Code like a 19th century poet!
Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript
Code samples for Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec, Rails 4.1/RSpec 3.0 edition
JavaScript, HTML
Egghead.io Tutorials
Simon's Stamp Collection App helps us learn Git
Tic-Tac-Toe coded 07/03/2015 for my application to the Flatiron School Web Development Intensive ...
Ruby, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
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