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Discover Federico Polesel's Projects, Code Samples, Resume, and More 2024 2020-11-09 Federico Polesel | Front End Developer - Pentesting Enthusiast en-US true Federico Polesel, Junior, Developers, Profiles, Portfolio Federico Polesel 500 500 Jr.DevJobs Hunter Meyer Co-Founder & CEO Twitter LinkedIn CrunchBase Facebook Jr.DevJobs
Federico Polesel Software Engineer
Buenos Aires Berazategui
Federico Polesel

Federico Polesel

Front End Developer - Pentesting Enthusiast
React Javascript Firebase Css HTML CSS JavaScript TypeScript SCSS Dockerfile Shell Java Ruby Objective-C Starlark PHP ASP Perl ColdFusion Python Hack

I am a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. although also an Italian citizen, my interest in computers was born as a child, dismantling and repairing every computer that crossed my hands, there I discovered that with enough dedication and perseverance could learn anything that I wanted, during the following years I was always dedicated to computer science, electronics, networks and computer security, which gives me a fairly complete knowledge. always the programming was a hoobie. until one I decided to turn my passion for the development in my means of life, of there in more never stop forming me, and to continue growing, if it had to describe my way of working in a word, it would be PASSION...

primero comence aprendiendo por mi cuenta desde joven, luego me especialize con cursos en el universidad, y ahora me encuentro cursando la carrera de analista programador en la universidad tecnologica nacional

everything, programming is my job, my escape, my day to day, my hobby

React, Javascript, Firebase, Css
Freelance Proyect
Drumkit Bototnera con sonidos de bateria
JavaScript, CSS, HTML
bot made in react
Clock made with html, css and vainilla JS
Proyecto final curso html for babies
Ejercicios Curso de HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Ejercicios/Clases Curso de Javascript
Login made in react
JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Test app mercadolibre nodejs
Web simple inmobiliaria
TypeScript, JavaScript, SCSS, Dockerfile, Shell
A well-structured production ready Next.js boilerplate with Typescript, Redux, Jest, Enzyme, Expr...
Java, Ruby, Objective-C, JavaScript, Starlark
Desarrollo pi lenses
Backend portofolio node, express
login made with react
PHP, ASP, Shell, Perl, Java, ColdFusion, HTML, Python, Hack
SecLists is the security tester's companion. It's a collection of multiple types of lists used du...
JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Web desarrollada en react
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Weather App made with react and open weather api

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