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Russell Schmidt Software Engineer https://www.jrdevjobs.com/profiles/russellschmidt
Los Angeles CA US
Russell Schmidt

Russell Schmidt

Meteor.js Jade Sass CoffeeScript JavaScript PHP Angular.js HTML CSS Ruby Swift

Harvard graduate, ran and sold my own company, and then decided to turn my passion for coding as a hobby and time saver into a career. I also am a father of two English Bulldogs and a lover of science fiction and loud music.

I'd been taking classes for years, starting with BASIC summer camp as a nine year old. I took some intro classes in college and then at my local community college. At my first job, I was encouraged to learn VBA and HTML/CSS to automate more of my job, and later was exposed to network device programming and LAN configuration. I was self-taught in PHP and JavaScript. I took the plunge into coding as a primary career after selling my business and enrolling in Bloc's full time Software Engineering track.

I like the opportunity to finish a puzzle every day, and the satisfaction I derive from making cool things.

Meteor.js, Jade, Sass, CoffeeScript, JavaScript,
A startup helping gamers find people to play with and games to explore.
PHP, Angular.js, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Kickstarter for Local, Vetted Climate Change projects
Facts about English Bulldogs as an Alexa skill
SDK and example code for building voice-enabled skills for the Amazon Echo.
JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Bloc spotify clone
JavaScript, CSS, HTML
JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, HTML, CoffeeScript
wikipedia clone for bloc
Ruby, JavaScript, CoffeeScript
Lesson9 GA ITR Book Review Application
testing the brackets ide
HTML, Ruby, CSS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript
This web application is a date planner. Useful for people who want to manage their schedule to go...
paperwork and planning for my bloc capstone
Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
final project for bloc.io
Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
debater. your home of debating.
Ruby, JavaScript, CoffeeScript
Demo App
Meteor package for emailjs.com integration
Ruby, CSS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript
Ruby, JavaScript
first_app off of the http://ruby.railstutorial.org/chapters/beginning#sec-introduction site
An Alexa Skill for the Amazon Echo that helps users determine concert dates and venues by artist.
Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Ruby, JavaScript, CoffeeScript
Online trouble ticket system
Ruby, JavaScript, CoffeeScript
making sure i have RoR working on the iMac with this crappy app
Ruby, JavaScript, CoffeeScript
My blog from rails class
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Base files and folder structure for Jekyll
A jekyll starting point.
a Swift app that wants to read mashable articles in a UITableView
JavaScript, CSS, HTML

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