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Samuel Afolaranmi Junior Web Developer https://www.jrdevjobs.com/profiles/sammysgame
Lekki Lagos US
Samuel Afolaranmi

Samuel Afolaranmi

Junior Web Developer
Ruby on Rails Postgresql Javascript Bootstrap Amazon S3 Ruby HTML CSS JavaScript CoffeeScript PHP ApacheConf Shell ASP

Samuel is a 22 year old self taught developer who is constantly looking for ways to better himself at his craft. He's proficient in writing web apps with PHP (Laravel), Python (Django) and Ruby (Ruby on Rails).

I learned to program most using FreeCodeCamp, Youtube Videos, Udemy, CodeCademy, TheNewBoston and a few other random programming tutorials online.

What I like most about programming is the ability to think up an idea or a new feature, get on my PC and be able to make that idea come alive. That, to me, is just magic!

Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, Javascript, Bootstrap, Amazon S3
HelloSam is an online business review website where user can come to drop reviews about businesse...
Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript
CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby
A business review website built in ruby on rails
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, CoffeeScript, ApacheConf, Shell, ASP
An online church streaming website for MFM's branches.
Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript
The SimpleBlog demo app from the Web Development Basics section of the prep work
Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Socify is an open source social networking platform written in Ruby on Rails
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