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Tyler Thompson Software Engineer
Kennebunk ME US
Tyler  Thompson

Tyler Thompson

Software Developer
React Redux.js JavaScript CSS HTML Python Assembly Shell

I am a young, driven developer, who thrives in a team based environment. I am one to push others, and I expect the same feedback from other team members. My philosophy is that great things only come from the same effort put into them.

I was very interested in programming since high school - but made the decision to go to college for finance due to some of my family being near that field. I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would, so I eventually ended up going to a 9 month boot camp, Lambda School.

I like that our environment is ever changing, there is always something to go out and learn, or read about. I enjoy the lively material / field that we are professionals in.

React, Redux.js, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Schematic Capture was to allow for machine technicians a more modern way of documenting / annotat...
React, Redux.js, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Droom put a twist on the job search. Droom is a Tinder-like tool in order to view posted jobs. Dr...
Backend for Disney Parent Build Week
JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Python, JavaScript, Assembly, Shell
Computer Architecture
HTML, JavaScript
Conway's Game of Life
JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Conway's Game of Life build week for computer science at Lambda School
JavaScript, CSS, HTML
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
CSS, HTML, JavaScript
JavaScript, CSS, HTML
React Application from Droom
JavaScript, CSS, HTML
JavaScript, CSS, HTML
In this project you will be using the concepts learned in the Git for Web Development lesson to f...
CSS, JavaScript, HTML
Create a card based on the data coming back from the Github API.
Graphs, BFS, DFS, connected components
JavaScript, HTML, CSS
please, not another async js carousel
Introduction to Python basics

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